About Us

Fuerthcell Co.,ltd was established in 2008,

Located in California USA,is a global manufacturer of load cells,Indicator,Transmitter,and weighing measurement. With over 10 years of collective experience, our team of professionals stand ready to guide, advise and help our clients navigate the world of weighing systems. We are fully committed to broadening load cell application in a variety of fields – including aviation industry, automobile industry, and other material testing industry.
All our products are ISO9001 certified factory produced-- many of which received NTEP, OIML, CE, RoHS certification. Our R&D Team is composed of highly trained engineers who are able to develop products that fit each individual customer’s needs in the shortest period of time.
Our products have successfully reached more than twenty countries worldwide. We have experience working with diverse customers across many different industries. We are confident that our competitive pricing and superior customer service will exceed your expectations.

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