Looking back on Inter Weighing 2014

Looking back on Inter Weighing 2014
During April 19~21, 2014, the InterWEIGHING2014 was held successfully in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. A total of 324 exhibitors, who were from 20 provinces in Mainland China and others from the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and China Taiwan & Hong Kong, enthusiastically participated in the exhibition.
Most of exhibitors have much confident with the exhibition; they actively registered to attend the exhibition. Although the exhibition venue is far from Jiangsu & Zhejiang where is concentrated of weighing instrument manufactures, what’s more, Dongguan is not so convenient in transportation compared with Shanghai, however, the amount of exhibitors decreased only 7% than 2013. The exhibition area reached nearly 22,000 sqm which is decreased only 15% in area than 2013. InterWEIGHING has kept continuously above 20,000 sqm in area for four years since the breakthrough 20,000 sqm in Shanghai, 2011.
Due to the exhibition venue was fixed in Dongguan of Guangdong, so exhibitors from Guangdong were the most than exhibitor's number from other provinces for the first time. The booth area from Zhejiang's exhibitors was still the largest. Guangdong and Zhejiang’s exhibitors' number are separately took up one fifth in the whole exhibitors' number and separately took up one quarter in area. Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Fujian provinces were the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The exhibitors from above five provinces which approximately took up three quarters in total exhibitors’ number, and the area took up five sixth in total exhibition area.
In all exhibitors, members of CWIA took up two thirds in exhibitor numbers and took up five sixth in exhibition area. Non-members took up about one third in exhibitors’ number and the area only took up one sixth. There were 53 exhibitors who were the first time to attend the exhibition took up one sixth in exhibitors’ number and took up one fourteenth in exhibition area.
Among the exhibitors, there were two fifth exhibitors who made custom-built booths and their area took up three quarters in total area. The other three fifth exhibitors chose standard booth which area took up one quarter in total area.
According to incomplete statistics, among all of the exhibitors, 70% of them, exhibits were commercial / industrial weighing instruments, family scales or balance; 20% of them, exhibits were load cell / weighing indicator; 10% of them, exhibits were other (e.g. weights, chip, shell, battery, cable).
According to incomplete statistics, the number of professional visitors amount to more than 7500 people who came from 29 provinces of China Mainland and 83 countries of worldwide. 39% of the visitors were from Guangdong; 14% of them came from out of China Mainland.

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