Batching scale
A digital singal cut off system comprising a electronic batching scale, means for producing digital signals in accordance with load upon the batching scale, means for selecting a desired weight, and coincidence means for detecting coincidence between the digital signals and the desired weight and for detecting in at least one number place an additional digital signal greater than the desired digital signal in the number place. The additional digital signal forces the coincidence means to produce a cutoff signal even though the digital signals are greater than the desired weight from the controller.

Batching is the careful mixing of as many as several dozens of diverse ingredients in exact proportions. Frequently, this is a process that is handled using industrial scales where the ingredients are controlled by weight. Sometimes this is achieved by joining weight sensors to a bin, bucket, or the like and then delivering the signal to a digital indicator or similar device. This eliminates the need to manually weigh each ingredient before discharging and processing it, a time consuming and occasionally inexact procedure in which many plants still engage. Ideally, an automated batch weighing scale will integrate connections, valves, process control software, a load cell, and relay hardware into a single system which is then incorporated into a scheme designed to deliver the varied ingredients to a container in which those ingredients will be blended. The best scales for this purpose are able to measure and control temperature conditions in the container.
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